New Dawn has played a critical role, from conceptualising to execution and delivery.


malta digital exchange

A New Dawn birthed project aiming to deliver security tokens to the market.

First conceptualised in 2015 and coined crypto securities and asset backed tokens, the then future of finance. Three years on, 2018 and the regulatory framework is finally here, the exchange of security tokens is soon to be a reality.



A Crowdfunding platform formed to give investors the ability to take control of their own investment destiny by facilitating opportunities that were previously only available to wholesale investors. Using a technology driven platform combined with a registered managed investment scheme, fractional investment into high quality large scale investment was made possible.


new dawn fund

The worlds first cryptocurrency and blockchain asset fund open to the public including retail investors. We provide exposure to cryptocurrency portfolio’s, algorithmic automated trading, traditional trading, copy trading, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), venture capital (VC), commercial mining, distributed mining, affiliate marketing, initial coin offering (ICO) underwriting, ICO investment and real estate tokenisation.